Affiliate Institute Review

Here is my first Affiliate Institute Review.I plan to update this as I go along!

This week I have gained access to my Affiliate Institute account and so I'm excited to share what value I'm gaining. 

First up I was taken through the discovery process and a great explanation of everything with Kam George. This was a great introduction and gives me a really good understanding of how things will grow over time. My greatest learning curve in this is the recognition that I am too impatient. I haven't been giving anything enough time to grow.

Kam gives a great overview and sets expectations about what it to come.

Next up was copywriting with Lukas Resheske - The Copywriter Millionaires Recommend. I've learned a lot about copywriting over the past six months, both from reading books and online courses, but even in this first level, I next levelled my understanding of copywriting in a way I didn't expect. The training I received over a few hours gave me insight which helped me in more than just copywriting.

Copywriting with Lukas Resheske - The Copywriter Millionaires Recommend 

You see, although I'm an author, and although I'm very comfortable on stage, or on live videos, I've never found myself to be a natural communicator one on one. I often find myself lost for words or in awkward pauses. And I've been attempting to uplevel in this area, challenging myself to talk to more people online with quick chats. I realised I wanted to be able to help more people, but didn't have a clue about how to direct conversation.

In one of Lukas' modules, I was given a task that has busted through all of my conversational issues. I feel really grateful for this module alone, as I realised there were opportunities to connect with people everywhere. I felt like I got much more than copywriting training, and I'd rate this alone as bang for your buck!! 

Next up was first level traffic with Tyler Caldwell. A lot of this content I'd previously learned from his training, but this was well streamlined for any user at a beginner level for Facebook pages, business accounts and ads training. I'm a very happy customer.

Content made easy with Alicia Ward

In the content module with Alicia Ward, I learned more about content creation, and there wasn't too much for me that was new in this field, but my husband is a first time social media user as of June 2019, and he really enjoyed ALL of the content modules!! 

We only have a couple more modules to complete our level one training, but we are very excited to take what we have learned this far and apply. 

Look out for updates on this blog post coming soon!

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Melissa A Wiringi