What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing all about? 

If you've been online for any length of time, and if you've ever looked at online businesses, it's highly likely you would have come across affiliate marketing as an option to create a passive income through marketing other businesses products or services.


Many people earn commissions from offering products or services on their blogs

Affiliate Marketing is very common. If you've ever visited a blog, it's likely you would have seen posts about products or services the blogger is passionate about. And if you've ever clicked on the links inside of these posts, you would be taken to an online store, perhaps Amazon, or EBay, or another service provider where if you purchase, the blogger would receive a small commission. 

Affiliate marketers can place these links in their blogs, they drive traffic to blogs by setting up ads or creating relationships online where followers will visit their page. Affiliate marketers can also send out their links via email and social media. 

The affiliate marketers and bloggers who successfully create passive income from their blogs or businesses, are often people who have learned and mastered digital marketing skills. And most of the time they have spent time setting up foundations to grow a well known and trusted online brand. 

Affiliate Marketing allows people with digital marketing skills to create a passive income

This works because businesses understand they can often reach more people by joining up with influential people who use their products or services. They leverage the skills of affiliate marketers to take their products to the world. 

As time goes on and online spending continues to increase, the opportunities to benefit from affiliate marketing can only increase. This makes digital marketing skills valuable to anyone who desires to build an income online! 

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Melissa A Wiringi