What is Hosting?

What is hosting all about? Why do we need it? 

If you want to know - here you will find out the basics. Quick and easy.

When you start a blog, there are many options, but you will need somewhere, space on the internet, as a home for your website. This space, is known as hosting. The company you purchase this from, stores your files on a server (or multiple servers) on the internet. Not all hosting companies are made the same. If you are planning to be a successful blogger, it will be wise to do some research before purchasing the cheapest hosting you can find.

Hosting Explained

When I compare hosting and domain names, I like to use the analogy of a shopping centre. 

If you were to own a shop in a shopping centre, you'd need both a shop (or space) in the centre and a store name. Your shop (or space) is what you are leasing from the centre. Hosting is similar, you are leasing space on the internet. I hope that simplifies it a little.

The domain, is like the name of the shop. You pay a fee to own the name of the shop, a bit like how you would pay a fee to register your business name. 

You can buy these from the same place, or you can have them separately. 

Web Hosting

What I use

Currently, I use SiteGround for my hosting and NameCheap for my domain names.

I chose SiteGround after using numerous cheap hosting sites, and eventually, I did a blogging course with a travel blogger who highly recommended SiteGround. I followed her advice and have been very happy with the SiteGround services. 

I like SiteGround as their support is very helpful and supportive. I feel like I really do get what I pay for. I'm a very happy customer, and don't plan to move my services any time soon!! 

Web Hosting

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