Why Affiliate Institute?

There are a lot of ways you can learn about Affiliate Marketing. But not all ways are the same. So why Affiliate Institute?

I started my online journey with blogging back in 2015 and since way back then I knew I wanted an affiliate income as part of my strategy. 

A mum with a dream of travelling the world with her family

Back then, I had no idea of the skills required to build a successful blog with an affiliate income. There was so much to learn, from understanding copywriting, to driving traffic, social media platforms and content creation... A successful blog with an affiliate income really does require a range of digital marketing skills. 

Over the years I veered away from affiliate marketing, and towards online services, because although I knew it was an income stream I'd like to have, I couldn't work out all of the elements to make it a success. 

In 2017 I moved toward online coaching and consulting

As I worked online, the dream of creating a full time affiliate income, still called to me. I was continually finding myself burning out with multiple demands on my time as an unschooling mum, wife and business owner. By the end of 2018, I knew there had to be a better way.

In late 2018, I began learning some of these elements and I've realised the importance of digital marketing skills. As I began learning the skills, my influence began to grow, engagement on my posts began to increase, and traffic to my site began increasing. 

Without that traffic, it would be very difficult to generate the kind of income that I desired for my family and I to travel.

The Affiliate Institute pre-launched in June 2019. I have been blessed to be one of the first users of the new system.

Kameron George shares his digital marketing expertise in Affiliate Institute

 I am so excited to share with you what I am learning through this educational platform. I have tried a few before and this one is far exceeding any of the digital marketing learning I have received to this point. 

If you're interested in learning about affiliate marketing and if you're interested in trying out Affiliate Institute, feel free to click the button below to get your free copy of the Affiliate Playbook for 2019.

Melissa A Wiringi