Why Affiliate Marketing is Great for Mums

Why is affiliate marketing good for mums? Well, for me personally, I love the more passive income streams. I'm an unschooling mum of three kids, ages 3, 10 and 12. They keep my days full of playgrounds, bakeries, walks and beaches. We are always on the go. 

Why Affiliate Marketing is Great For Mums - Affiliate Mummy

We are always out and about - Affiliate marketing is passive income

It doesn't leave a lot of time to build, market, and serve in an online business. I've known about affiliate marketing for a very long time. I've known many people making successful incomes online using their blogs - mostly travel bloggers.

And when I started out, a successful travel blog with an affiliate marketing income was what I aspired to create. However, back then, I could manage setting up the blog, the wordpress site, the theme, the photos. And I could just about manage the social media side of things, but I had no idea how to use digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to my website, or how to use copywriting skills to help people to make buying decisions!

In short, my first few attempts at blogging were massive fails. I moved into the online service industry, working in coaching and consulting. This was really rewarding, helping people is something I am so passionate about. However, finding new clients became a new task. There were also discovery calls to be made, and then finding time to work with the clients became a new challenge. I effectively tripled my workload by moving into services. 

My first attempts at travel blogging were fails

To create a successful online business many hours are required to get things started. However, if you are a mummy, and if you prefer to spend your time with your kids, affiliate marketing becomes a very attractive option. Learning the skills to make it work is an essential part of the process. And marketing products that sell while earning a good commission is also important in your affiliate marketing strategy.

It will still take time to build your site, create content, and market. However, I believe once it is set up, it is a lot more mum friendly. There are many ways to make an income online. It really is about finding what is best for you! 

If you'd like to talk to me about more than affiliate marketing, you can book a call with me on my coaching and consulting site. 

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